Lessons and rental

Lessons from 495 DKK
Rental from 175 DKK

Windsurfing is a hybrid between a sailboat and a surfboard. Only powered by the wind, you are able to reach more than 30 knots on the water. Its fun, it's for everyone, and you will experience how balance and technique enable you to go fast in the water!

How do I start?

If you want to learn windsurfing we can definitely help you out! We offer lessons every day during the summer, and we will make sure that your first-hand experience with windsurfing will be more than great. We advise you to schedule at least a day or two if you want to experience windsurfing. Getting the right technique takes time, so be patient! You can start with our 3-hour lessons or book a two-day lesson with us. After you have learned the basics, you can rent windsurfing equipment at any time.  

Why windsurfing with Lynæs Surfcenter?


  • Unfortunately, this has no subtitles but you can see our lovely spot and how great windsurfing is!

If you are 10 years or younger

It takes a bit of strength to pull up the sail and carry the board. We do not set an age limit, but we require an adult to take part if the participant is less than 10 years old. We have sail sizes down to 1.5 m2 so it won't be a problem as long as the young students can be assisted by a parent. Lynæs is a very safe place to learn windsurfing. It has shallow water and is located in a fjord which means that there is no waves or current to be aware of.

Windsurfing lessons

We offer a line of windsurfing lessons for beginners. Note that equipment for these lessons will also be beginners equipment, so if you wish to have advanced windsurfing equipment you need to take our intermediate lessons. These will be under a private instructor.

Intro lesson

595 DKK

3-hour lesson
Equipment for beginners 
Wetsuit, shoes and west 

Weekend lesson

1.095 DKK

2x3-hour lesson
Equipment for beginners 
Wetsuit, shoes and west 

Private lesson (4 pers.)

2.495 DKK

3-hour lesson
4 xEquipment for beginners 
4 xWetsuit, shoes and west 
+ 400DKK for extra students   

Book expert assistance

If you need an instructor for transitions, harness technique or trim? This requires a private instructor. Our instructors have years of experience with windsurfing and will help you achieve your next learning goals. Since it’s a private lesson it will be the improvements that we will focus on.

1-hour (own equipment): 595 DKK
3-hour (own equipment): 1.295 DKK

1-hour (our equipment): 645 DKK
3-hour (our equipment): 1.695 DKK

Lynæs surfcenter

Lynæs Havnevej 8
3390 Hundested

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