Kite camp

4 days of intensive kitesurfing lessons, great atmosphere and delicious food!

Learn to kitesurf from the bottom or become more experienced with kitesurfing techniques. Enjoy 4 days of fun at one of the best kitesurfing spots in Denmark. If that sounds interesting our kite camp will be just for you.  

Attending a camp for a first time kitesurfer is a popular way to start your kitesurfing journey. Taking 4 days of intensive lessons and dedicating your self for a while will take you a long way. The camp is for everyone who’s interested in kitesurfing - experienced as well as inexperienced. The only thing we ask is a small interest in social activities and an age of 18 years.

Our camp concept is fairly simple. After everyone has checked in we start the lessons! Mother nature decides if we will start with a hands-on experience or take the theory part first. One thing is sure - we will get you through everything you need to know and experience as a new kitesurfer.

Besides kitesurfing lessons, we offer you to set a tent on our spot or accommodate your self at a nearby B&B. Every day we will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between your kitesurfing lessons. We provide kitesurfing lessons, entertainment, meals and surf vibes. In other words – full treatment!


If you haven’t been at our spot you can already start looking forward to it! The spot has a shallow area of 1.5 kilometers and we are located just 50 meters the water! This makes the water flat at almost all conditions and will work in all wind directions besides northeast and east which is very rare in Denmark.

The facilities on our camp side include hammocks, skate ramp, Stand Up Paddles, kayaks, a speedboat, volleyball, table tennis, and a large grass area for tents. So even on a silent day, you won't be bored.


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What does our kitchen offer?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner mean hanging out in company with the rest of the team! We think that mealtime is an important time and this is why we are passionate about what we serve.

We have our own chef who is cooking all the meals. She knows how much energy it takes for kitesurfing, so she will make sure that you won't be starving after dinner!


We use nature as a platform for our sports, so nature has to be served as we serve our camp guests. Each year we aim to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Most vegetables and dairy products will be organic.

Fish and chips?

Not quite there… We aren’t fanatics about meals, but we like healthy and tasteful food. You can always expect to have a choice of salads and dished without too many calories.


We do always have a couple of vegetarians attending the camp. We ask you to mark “vegetar” in your booking so we can take it into account. Our chef always provides vegan dishes, so you won't be left with only bread.


If you have allergies or some kind of intolerance, we make sure that you can enjoy the menu that we serve. As long as you inform us about it during your booking, we will take it into account.  

Bon appetit :-)


BEGINNER: Lessons is scheduled from the standards of the Danish sail union “kitesurfer 1” certificate. We do not guarantee the certificate after 4 days, but we will go through theory and experience regarding a “kitesurfer 1” certificate and hopefully pass through a lot of new kitesurfers at the end of the camp. Lessons will be in teams where we will try to match the level of experience. Most people have had some experience with kitesurfing and this is why we work with small teams rather than one big team. When the basics and safety are on point we have good experience with letting teams of two practice with kite and board.

BASIS: You are 100% confididente with your kitesurfing skills, but you wish to get some hours on the water. There are no group lessons included in this package but you wil get to know a lot of other kitesurfers as well as getting pushed your level.  

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED: There is always room for improvement! Many kitesurfers end up having no progression for years due to lack of time and no one to teach them how to progress. Our instructor will help you set up learning goals and achieve them during the camp. The focus will be transitions, keeping upwind, performance, freestyle and kitesurfing on deep water. We will try to go through wave surfing as a theory theme.   


Danish weather can be unpredictable. That’s why we have a solid program of activities if the wind doesn’t show one day. Besides enjoying the sun at the beach and hang around in our lovely backyard, we include a long list of activities. Stand up paddles, kayaks, wakeboarding by boat, longboards, volleyball, basket, table tennis, sauna and hot tub! We promise that you won't get bored. During the camp, we will arrange a mini-seminar were we discuss how to progress even further with kitesurfing, where to travel and what gear you should be looking for.  


If you book the beginner-package we provide all equipment for kitesurfing. What you need on land is up to you. During your booking, it's important that you fill out all information so you won't end up with equipment that doesn’t fit. If you own a wetsuit, shoes, harness or even a kite, feel free to bring it - Its always nice to have your own.  

If you book intermediate/advanced equipment is NOT included, so make sure to bring all necessary gear J

We provide an area for setting up a tent, but accommodation will be provided by your own tent. Nearby B&B is possible. Let us know and we will help you.

NB, we do not compensate pricing for own carried equipment.

Checklist list
  • Kite equipment: Kites, board, wetsuit, harness etc (The beginner team won't have to bring any gear - but if you have some bring it!)
  • Tent and sleeping bag (we try to team up some tents, so let us know if you only have a big tent or no tent at all) If you don’t like to sleep in a tent there is a couple of nice B&B’s in the area. Let us know and we will help you.
  • Towel, swimwear, toilet things etc
  • Winter jacket or similar for keeping your warm after sessions
  • Clothes for activities

Dates for kite camp 2020

21.- 24. May 

27. May - 1. June


No matter which package you choose we guarantee you a fantastic experience!

BASIS package


Full pension 

No wind activities


Sauna & Spa

Tent spot

Ground package


(Total 2390,-)

Intermediate and advanced training  

+ BASIS package

Beginner package


(total 4390)

DS1 kitesurfing lessons  - 4 days 

All equipment for kitesurfing included

+ BASIS package


Can I book an intermediate/advanced-package?

You will have to be an “independent” kitesurfer which means that you master all the basics of kitesurfing. You need to bring all necessary equipment with you. We require that you are +18 and can swim a minimum of 200 meters.  

Can I book a beginner-package?

Most of our guests have no experience with kitesurfing but many have already had some experience. Since we work in small teams you can attend if you are completely new to the sport as well as semi-experienced. We require that you are +18 and can swim a minimum of 200 meters.  

Lynæs surfcenter

Lynæs Havnevej 8
3390 Hundested

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Telefon: +45 29 87 77 66



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