Kitesurfing Lessons


A water sport for everyone who wish to combine adrenalin and total freedom on the water.

You can take kitesurfing lessons from the age of 14 and up! – kitesurfing is simply for everyone. The combination of a small board and a kite gives you a compact set-up, that will fit into a smart-car and take you on the water wherever you like. This is one of the reasons that kitesurfing has been one of the fastest growing water sports in the history.  

Can I rent a kite and start out?

 Kitesurfing is marked as an extreme sport, and we highly suggest you not to start on your own. This is for your own safety, but more importantly the ones that loves beaches as much as you do! Youtube got thousands of examples why you shouldn’t start without seeking for a certified kitesurfing school at first. Thus many Youtube scenarios on how kitesurfing can go wrong you shouldn’t be afraid of starting as long as you follow the guidelines on how to learn kitesurfing.

So first lesson: NEVER go buy a kite and start without a kitesurfing lesson!

Kitesurfing lessons – step by step

It's fairly easy to learn kitesurfing, but you won't be flying on the water with only a 5-hour lesson. Our kitesurfing school offers a variety of classes, that you can choose between. One day courses, weekend courses, kitesurfing camps, brush up lessons etc. If you have no experience with kitesurfing all lessons will go through the mandatory steps of being a kitesurfer. Most important for the lessons or classes you choose to take, is that it fits your schedule.  

We’ve put down a small outline of what you can expect on the first day as a kitesurfer.

  • Trainer kite

    You will have to walk before you can run. This step usually takes about an hour, and we will go through the basics of controlling a kite. 

  • Safety brief

    It's time for putting on a wetsuit. But before we jump into the water, you will have to know the basics of rigging the kite and use the safety features.

  • Kite control

    We have now switched the trainer kite to a real size kite. It has an extra dimension of control which we will spend time on learning.  

  • Bodydragging

    When the control of the kite is mastered, you are challenged to control the kite so it will drag you through the water safely. This includes exercising a "superman body drag", regular "body drag", and "power strokes". 

  • Board exercise

    Once again - you will have to walk before you can run. Before you can try to get on the board, you will have to control the kite correctly. We practice how to balance your body while getting up the board. 

  • On the board!

    Of course, riding on the water with the board under your feet is the hardest part. It takes time to master the kite and the board at the same time, but we will make it happen!   

Why choose Lynæs Surfcenter?

  • Certified by The Danish Sail Union 

  • Wind guarantee (No wind no payment)

  • More than 10 years of experience and professional instructors

  • Pricing from 795,- DKK

  • Always new gear from Cabrinha kites 

  • Equipment for +20 people 

  • Lynæs is more than just a good surfing spot

Is Lynæs to far from you?

Visit our kitesurfing school in Copenhagen - KITEpro

Same pricing but lessons at Amager or Nivå 

Kitesurfing lessons

The question that everyone asks - How many hours will it take for me to be an independent kitesurfer? - Well, it depends on many factors, but the number of participants for each instructor has a lot to say...

Private lessons

The fast way

Buddy lessons

Our recommendation!

Group lessons

Fun and cheap
Private Lessons

You want to learn to kitesurf as fast as possible private lessons are our most effective solution. You and one instructor will go through the basics of kitesurfing and it’s up to you how much you will learn for each lesson.

3-hour lesson: 1.695 DKK
5-hour lesson: 2.695 DKK

By a lesson package and we will guarantee graduation of DS 1 niveau

Buddy lessons

We always recommend you to learn kitesurfing with a buddy. Learning with a friend makes the lesson more fun, and in the future, you will share the passion for kitesurfing with one another.  


3-hour lesson 995 DKK pr. person

5-hour lesson 1595 DKK pr. Person

When booking buddy lessons, you will have to bring a buddy. If you don’t have anyone to join your lesson, we provide booking a person on a buddy lesson. FYI we charge a 100 DKK extra in administration. You will have to mark “vil gerne have makker” in your booking, so we know that you are interested in us finding a buddy for your lesson

By a lesson package and we will guarantee graduation of DS 1 niveau

Group lessons

If you wish to keep your cost low group lessons is a great solution. You will spend a couple more hours on learning, due to the extra time we spend for each person, but if you are a group who wish to learn kitesurfing together it's highly recommendable!

3- hour lesson 795 DKK pr. person

5-hour lesson 1195 DKK pr. person

We recommend a maximum of 3-4 people for each instructor. If you are +4 people it’s a good idea to book an additional instructor.

By a lesson package and we will guarantee graduation of DS 1 niveau

Brush-up lessons

Brush-up lessons are for those who have already been taken lessons but needs some extra hours with an instructor to be a fully independent kitesurfer.

When booking a Brush-up lesson, you will only book an instructor, which mean that you will have to bring all equipment for kitesurfing. Its possible to attend more than one person on these lessons, but once again you will have to bring your own equipment or rent it separately. Make sure that the kitesurfing equipment you have is up to date! Otherwise, the instructor might refuse to teach with it, due to safety.  During your booking, we advise you to write what kind of equipment you have so that we know what to expect.


1-hour lesson 495 DKK

3-hour lesson 1295 DKK

FYI we offer a new solution which is called “intermediate teams”. These lessons teach you the theory of DS1 and focus on keeping up-wind, transitions, and jumps. Scroll down and read more. 

Package offers


All our lessons are done within the standards of The Danish Sail Union. Out beginner lessons focus on getting you through the “Kitesurfer 1” standards, which mainly focuses on being safe in the shallow water. If you wish to explore deep water kitesurfing, we advise you to master the standards of “kitesurfer 2”.

Danish sail union standards are similar to IKO standards. We will not be able to convert kitesurfing certificates into IKO certificates, but we can hand out a personal card, which indicates that you have passed the standards of the Danish sail union, which may be used to rent kites in foreign countries.  

If you wish to become certificated within The Danish Sail Union, we offer the extra theory it takes down below. This lesson will only focus on theory of kitesurfing, and the certificate can also be useful as an checklist of your final kiteboarding skills.

Kitesurfer 1, theory and practical: 795 DKK pr. person
Kitesurfer 2, theory and practical: 795 DKK pr. person

Remember if you choose one of our guarantee package, this offer will be included.

Guarantee of graduate

You can’t master kitesurfing in a single day. It will take a couple of days depending on your level of experience and the number of participants for each instructor. These packages guarantee you the DS1 certificate. After you will be able to rent kites or attend out intermediate teams

Private package

5.495 DKK

2x5-hour lesson
1x DS 1 certificate guarantee

25% on all Cabrinha equipment

Buddy package

4.295 DKK

2 x 5-hour lesson
1 x 3-hour lesson
1 x DS 1 guarantee
25% on all Cabrinha equipment 

Group package

3.595 DKK

3 x 5-hour lesson
1 x extra kite and board on lesson 3
1x DS 1 guarantee 

25% on all Cabrinha equipment 

* We charge the whole package on the first lesson

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