Kitesurfing community for girls!  

Emely Freja, Therese Taabbel & Lynæs Surfcenter presents KITE WEEQ – Girls only

Are you as passionate or as fascinated about kitesurfing as we are? Do you wish to meet other girls who share the same love for the sport and at the same time improve your kitesurfing skills? KITE WEEQ gathers all kite girls for one fantastic weekend.  

In collaboration with Emely Freja and Therese Taabbel we proudly present KITE WEEQ. This will be your opportunity to push your kitesurfing skills and enjoy a cozy atmosphere in company with a team of female kitesurfers. Besides many hours on the water, you will have the opportunity to team up with new surf-buddy’s and create your own network of kitesurfers, who are as passionate as you are. If you have some or no experience with kitesurfing we also offer a lesson-package during the camp. The lesson-package includes all equipment and beginner lessons during the weekend. Our goal for this weekend is to make you as independent as possible.  So if you want to participate but aren’t a kitesurfer yet here’s the solution.  


This year we accommodate everyone at the lovely spot Storekarl Strandgaard. The House is with sea view and located a few minutes from Lynaes Surfcenter and Surfspot! 

Emely Freja

Emely has been chasing the wind all around the world to find the best spots for freestyle and wave surfing. She has a big passion for kitesurfing and Yoga and loves sharing the vibe!

Therese Taabbel

Therese is the most talented female kitesurfer in Denmark and is currently 7th on the world tour in freestyle kitesurfing. The just signed with Red Bull as an athlete! 

Kite weeq 2020

May 2.-3.

May 30.-31.

June 6.-7.

August 15.-16. 

We welcome everyone on Kite WeeQ! You can attend as experienced kitesurfer or unexperienced. All you need to do is choosing the right package. 



- Tips, tricks and presentations
- All meals included
- No wind activities
- Yoga
- Wellness
- Accomondation (4-8 persons pr room)
Last but not least - the best community for female kitesurfers! 

Lesson-package (Add on)


Lessons for beginners 
All equipment included
guarantee 5 hours of practical lessons and 3 hours of theoretical lessons.
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You probably got a load of questions for the camp. We have done our best to answer them below!

Lessons - what can i expect?


On this camp, we will have some of the best female instructors in Denmark to make sure your level will be challenged. Learning goals can be everything from keeping upwind to unhooked freestyle, so don’t be afraid that your level isn’t high enough.

Do not expect to have a full-time instructor. We will host presentations and help out whatever we can. And don't hold back with questions regarding all topics in kitesurfing! 


Buying the lesson package you can expect to be in teams of 3-5 people and one instructor. We will start with the basics and work our way to the water. Usually, we have a few with experience and we will do our best to create teams with the same level. 

You can expect 6 hours of lesson every day. 

In case of a no wind weekend, we guarantee a 5-hour group lesson and 3-hour theoretical lesson. The 5 hours will, in this case, be scheduled after the end of the camp.  


We have prioritised to do a larger number of camps with fewer participants, and a fair price. Do to that both Emily and Therese won't be attending the same camp but instead one will be hosting each camp. 

How experienced do i have to be?

Everyone can attend! 

If you have your own gear and are comfortable with handling the equipment, you can attend as a regular participant. If you are in doubt whether you should book lessons or not, we advise you to read kitesurfer 1 diploma and make sure that you fulfil the requirements of being at a decent level. 

Feel free to contact us about your level to get an opinion. 

How many attends?

We have a maximum of 28 participants for each camp. There are 12 spots for those who wish to book the lesson-package. 

And what about the age? 

Last year we had participants from 18 and up to 55, so don't think that you are too young or too old to enjoy this camp. Everyone has the same mindset, so age doesn't matter :-) 

How do i book?

Simply press the bottom book and you will be sent to the check out page. Remember that if you wish to book the lesson package it is an ad on, to the participation fee. 

The food

During the weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by our lovely kitchen. Kite WeeQ is the only camp where the menu is all 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner mean hanging out in company with the rest of the team! We think that mealtime is an important time and this is why we are passionate about what we serve.

Kite Weeq will be 100% vegetarian and we are looking forward to this fantastic menu.  

We have our own chef who is cooking all the meals. She knows how much energy it takes for kitesurfing, so she will make sure that you won't be starving after dinner!


We use nature as a platform for our sports, so nature has to be served as we serve our camp guests. Each year we aim to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Most vegetables and dairy products will be organic.

Fish and chips?

Not quite there… We aren’t fanatics about meals, but we like healthy and tasteful food. You can always expect to have a choice of salads and dished without too many calories.


As said before Kite WeeQ is a 100% vegetarian menu. If you aren’t a daily vegetarian you can look forward to it, since we can ensure you that our chef does fantastic dishes.


If you have allergies or some kind of intolerance, we make sure that you can enjoy the menu that we serve. As long as you inform us about it during your booking, we will take it into account.  

Bon appetit :-)


Morning yoga helps to kick the day off! It’s the perfect way to get your body ready for a day with kitesurfing. Yoga is included every day. We will focus on strength and power for the muscles that we use for kiteboarding. You will also learn a couple of good exercises to use before kitesurfing. We have our own Yoga instructor Emely Freja who will lead the sessions.

Outdoor Wellness

Summer in Denmark can be a little freezing sometimes, but we have solved the problem at our spot! We have a hot tub and a large sauna with a view. We will fire up when necessary and you have to look forward to this fantastic experience! Read more

No wind activities

No wind days can occur in Denmark, but we do have a lot of activities that are perfect for days without wind! SUP tours, SUP yoga, kayaking tours, wakeboarding by boat or a volley tournament will be established if the wind doesn’t show!   


We are housing everyone at Storekarl Strandgaard. It is located 10 minutes on foot and 3 minutes in car From Lynæs Surfcenter. 

The rooms fit 4-8 people in single beds. 

You can read about the location here

Pack list
  • Kite equipment: Kites, board, wetsuit, harness etc (The wildcard team won't have to bring any gear, but if you have some bring it!)
  • Bed linen
  • Towel, swimwear, toilet things etc
  • Winter jacket or similar for keeping your warm after sessions
  • Yoga matt or a towel to lay on
  • Clothes for activities
About Lynæs

If you haven’t been at our spot you can already start looking forward to it! The spot has a shallow area of 1.5 kilometers and we are located just 50 meters the water! This makes the water flat at almost all conditions and will work in all wind directions besides northeast and east which is very rare in Denmark.

The facilities on our camp side include hammocks, skate ramp, Stand Up Paddles, kayaks, a speedboat, volleyball, table tennis, and a large grass area for tents. So even on a silent day, you won't be bored.

Check in

We kick off the camps on Saturday 10 in the morning and end Sunday at 16:00. If there is wind all Sunday you are welcome to stay. 

Check in will be at Store Karl where we later will head to Lynæs Surfcenter to get the kitesurfing started! 



If we missed something fell free to contact us.


You can also attend our facebook group for Kite WeeQ here 

We are looking so much forward to meet you! 

Hang loose 

Emely, Therese & Lynæs Surfcenter

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