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Lynæs Surfcenter & Therese Taabbel presents KITE WEEQ – Girls only

Are you as passionate or as fascinated about kitesurfing as we are? Do you wish to meet other girls who share the same love for the sport and at the same time improve your kitesurfing skills? KITE WEEQ gathers all kite girls for one fantastic weekend.  

In collaboration with Therese Taabbel we proudly present KITE WEEQ. This will be your opportunity to push your kitesurfing skills and enjoy a cozy atmosphere in company with a team of female kitesurfers. Besides many hours on the water, you will have the opportunity to team up with new surf-buddy’s and create your own network of kitesurfers, who are as passionate as you are. If you have some or no experience with kitesurfing we also offer a Wildcard-package during the camp. The wildcard-package includes all equipment and beginner lessons during the weekend. Our goal for this weekend is to make you as independent as possible.  So if you want to participate but aren’t a kitesurfer yet here’s the solution.  


If you haven’t been at our spot you can already start looking forward to it! The spot has a shallow area of 1.5 kilometers and we are located just 50 meters the water! This makes the water flat at almost all conditions and will work in all wind directions besides northeast and east which is very rare in Denmark.

The facilities on our camp side include hammocks, skate ramp, Stand Up Paddles, kayaks, a speedboat, volleyball, table tennis, and a large grass area for tents. So even on a silent day, you won't be bored.



On this camp, we will have some of the best female instructors in Denmark to make sure your level will be challenged. Therese Taabbel who’s one of the most smiling and inspiring kitesurfers we know will be there all weekend to train the Kite WeeQ team. She is currently number 7 on the leaderboard in freestyle kitesurfing worldwide, and she has a lot to share about being a professional kitesurfer. Learning goals will be set by your self and you will be able to get feedback directly on the water as well as getting a few tips before heading on to the water. Learning goals can be everything from keeping upwind to unhooked freestyle, so don’t be afraid that your level isn’t high enough.

The wildcard-team will practice the basics of kitesurfing, and afterward, advance into techniques with the kite and the board. Hopefully, most of the team will have had at least one chance to stay up on the board!        


During the weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served by our lovely kitchen. Kite WeeQ is the only camp where the menu is all vegetarian!

What does our kitchen offer?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner mean hanging out in company with the rest of the team! We think that mealtime is an important time and this is why we are passionate about what we serve.

Kite Weeq will be 100% vegetarian and we are looking forward to this fantastic menu.  

We have our own chef who is cooking all the meals. She knows how much energy it takes for kitesurfing, so she will make sure that you won't be starving after dinner!


We use nature as a platform for our sports, so nature has to be served as we serve our camp guests. Each year we aim to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Most vegetables and dairy products will be organic.

Fish and chips?

Not quite there… We aren’t fanatics about meals, but we like healthy and tasteful food. You can always expect to have a choice of salads and dished without too many calories.


As said before Kite WeeQ is a 100% vegetarian menu. If you aren’t a daily vegetarian you can look forward to it, since we can ensure you that our chef does fantastic dishes.


If you have allergies or some kind of intolerance, we make sure that you can enjoy the menu that we serve. As long as you inform us about it during your booking, we will take it into account.  

Bon appetit :-)


Morning yoga helps to kick the day off! It’s the perfect way to get your body ready for a day with kitesurfing. Yoga is included every day. We will focus on strength and power for the muscles that we use for kiteboarding. You will also learn a couple of good exercises to use before kitesurfing. We have our own Yoga instructor Emely Freja who will lead the sessions.


Summer in Denmark can be a little freezing sometimes, but we have solved the problem at our spot! We have a hot tub and a large sauna with a view. We will fire up when necessary and you have to look forward to this fantastic experience!


No wind days can occur in Denmark, but we do have a lot of activities that are perfect for days without wind! SUP tours, SUP yoga, kayaking tours, wakeboarding by boat or a volley tournament will be established if the wind doesn’t show!   

  • Kite equipment: Kites, board, wetsuit, harness etc (The wildcard team won't have to bring any gear, but if you have some bring it!)
  • Tent and sleeping bag (we try to team up some tents, so let us know if you only have a big tent or no tent at all) If you don’t like to sleep in a tent there is a couple of nice B&B’s in the area. Let us know and we will help you.
  • Towel, swimwear, toilet things etc
  • Winter jacket or similar for keeping your warm after sessions
  • Yoga matt or a towel to lay on
  • Clothes for activities

Kite weeq 2018

1.-3. june 2018


No matter which package you choose we guarantee you a fantastic experience! 



Wildcars (Beginner)


DS1 kitesurfing lessons  

All inclusive  

All equipment for kitesurfing  

No wind activities




Intermediate & advanced


Intermediate and advanced training  

All inclusive  

No wind activities




How to register 

Go to booking and you will find ”valg af aktiviteter”: camps > KITE WEEQ. You will have to fill in your information and after this, you will receive a confirmation email with payment options. You will only pay a deposit on 1000 DKK. Two weeks before the camp we ask you to pay the last amount.

More practical information’s will be forwarded to you a week before the camp starts.

You will check-in Friday at 15:00. Check out will be Sunday at 16:00 ish. If conditions are great we will keep on going a little longer.

If you have any additional questions you are more than welcome to contact us!

We look forward seeing a bunch of cool kitesurfing girls in action!


Hang Loose

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