Kayak Rental

The shallow area of Lynæs provides a safe place to start your kayak adventure. 

Rental from 100,- DKK

Lynæs provides the perfect conditions for starting your kayak adventure. The huge shallow area makes it safe to try for all levels. Lynæs is located in the middle of Issefjord with a lot of different options for your trip. So whether you want an easy entry or an ocean adventure, Lynæs is the perfect place for your departure.  

Can I go as a beginner?

The short answer is yes. Lynæs has great options for constant surveillance on shallow water, which makes it ideal for both beginners or introduction for kids of all ages. We always provide a life west which of course is mandatory to wear at any time. 

Lynæs surfcenter

Lynæs Havnevej 8
3390 Hundested

kontakt os

Telefon: +45 29 87 77 66
Email: info@surfcenter.dk



Kurser og camps kører fra april til september.

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