A lifestyle that becomes a way of life

Lynæs Surfcenter started off in 2011 knows as Sea-sport center of Northern Zealand. A project driven by to very young locals - Jeppe & Johan. After trying different setups, and experience how running a business like this works, they decided to go all in on water sports. The name changed to Lynæs Surfcenter and is now a well-known location and brand by surfers in Denmark. As the years go by, developing Lynæs has been the main focus. Starting a festival, setting up a cafe and creating a great atmosphere around Lynæs is some of the things that Lynæs Surfcenter had provided. We keep on going, as long as the audience is there!  


Im interested, i wan't to know more!?

We will add more to the story! 

The team

Our most valuable asset is our team behind the scene. Staff counts a bunch of instructors, a chef, our upcoming youngsters and a small administration. They are carefully chosen, so they will have to be presented individually!  

Team Members

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About Lynaes

Lynaes is located on the west of North Zealand - a one hour drive from Copenhagen. Lynaes is unique due to the shallow water that makes ideal for Kite and windsurfing! 

We have listed five reasons for stopping by and start your surf career here! 

01 Surf vibes as the south

Even though its April, the water is nearly 10° you will always feel like the place is more to the south than it is. Our backyard has an exotic touch, with hammocks, sauna, hot tub and a cozy atmosphere.  

02 Saftey!

Lynæs is a very safe place to start your journey on the water. The shallow area is huge, so you won't need extra space for your sport. We are located in a fjord which makes the safety even better since floating out on the open sea isn't an option. 

03 Best chances for wind

Since Lynæs beach is pointing west and is located in the top of the fjord, we have very few days with no wind. In other words, chances of no wind are very little.  

04 More than just surf

As said many times before Lynæs truly deserves a visit. Surfer or not, the environment has to be experienced. The tension on the beach when there are 100 kites in the air and the sundowners are simply amazing.   

05 Bring your family

Many families struggle to get surfing and family life worked out. We have loads of activities for the family so don't be shy to bring them to Lynaes 


We love taking pictures of what we do! Mostly we post on Instagram and Facebook, but we have a site where we have some of our most impressive media exposed.

Lynæs surfcenter

Lynæs Havnevej 8
3390 Hundested

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Kurser og camps kører fra april til september.

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